March 8, 2009

Easter/Spring Convention 2008 Monthly Swap

These are cards done by members of my Down line
We do a monthly swap which we started at Convention 2008
The 1st 4 posted were done by Deb Martin, Cindy Senese, Karen Landry
and Sharon Roeder
the group of 3 were done by Jacy Smith,
Jackie Langdon and Deb Cole (Please note Deb Cole's
opens up in the same manner as the Stairstep cards)

1 comment:

  1. OH NO!! Looks like my bunny's eyeball fell off!! He looks a little like a gangster, now!! LOL I brought all my swaps to work to display - many ooo's and ahhhh's - and the bunny butt got a LOT of excitement....thanks Rose and all for such a great swap!!!


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