July 27, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking is on its WAY!

I hope this helps answer soemquestion on Digital Scrapbooking
The Software will be available through me and Stampin Up In Sept
I will give you more inforamtion after the CONVENTION!!
Thanks to Debbie who let me use her Information on Digital Scrapbooking

Digital Scrapbooking Basics
By Debbie McNeill

I’ve used many different products so when Stampin’ Up! announced the My Digital Studio at Leadership I was thrilled. From what I saw during the demo, My Digital Studio is a step-above what I have seen offered in the market. My intent for sharing this article is to give you a first exposure to digital scrapbooking. The information is basic and not specific to the Stampin’ Up! product which will be released sometime this year.

What is Digital Scrapbooking?
Digital scrapbooking is no different really than traditional scrapbooking. You use pictures, paper, titles, journaling and embellishments to make a page. The only difference is it is using your computer. My Digital Studio as announced will be a software program which you install on your computer and you don’t have to be a computer whiz to use the software. If you have used a word processor, you won’t have any problems – especially if you’re motivated to learn.

Why Digital Scrapbooking?
Digital Scrapbooking is not for everyone. Those of us who enjoy the tactile feel of products in our hands will remain traditional scrapbookers and that is wonderful. I still create traditional scrapbook pages and don’t plan to change that. The reasons for participating in digital scrapbooking vary for each individual. Some reasons may be limited storage, scrapbook anywhere/anytime, easily share your layouts in galleries or with long-distance family members, using fonts for your journaling, ability to crop/fix photos and well it’s a popular culture right now. Here’s the really exciting part. As Stampin’ Up! demonstrators, My Digital Studio can be used as a tool to market your business. You can create fun flyers, add watermarks or enhance your digital project pictures. See my marketing samples at store.craftyperson.com.

Who Digital Scrapbooks?
Although some of our current customers may be interested in adding digital scrapbooking to card making or traditional scrapbooking, I see it more designed for new business. I know it’s hard to believe but there are people out there that don’t know about Stampin’ Up! This will open your door to new people – teens, tweens, casual scrapbookers, males, and graphic-design oriented types to name just a few.

Where to Print your Scrapbook Pages
There are many options for sharing your scrapbook page. There are large format printers on the market such as the (13 x 19) Epson R1800 printer. If you don’t have a large-format printer you can upload or burn your pages on a CD or flash drive and take it to your local quick print shop or places like Costco. I’ve seen pricing for 12×12 pages in the $2.50 USD per page range. Do a search on the internet, i.e., “12×12 digital photo printing”. You can design 12×12 pages but print them at a smaller size, such as 8×8. You can share your scrapbook pages digitally via your blog, via email or burning on a CD.
I hope this brief look into digital scrapbooking will help you see the potential for My Digital Studio and give you ideas on how you can incorporate it into your current business.

Stampin Up will have more information on printing after convention

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