October 20, 2016

Oh How I Love Stamping!

   I am sure there are a few of you out there that can relate to this, I actually eat, live and sleep STAMPING!! 

   I have been blessed with being able to do this full time for the past year after being downsized from a large company for yet the 3rd time in my career.

   I find my self in my stamp room from morning to night ( I do stop to feed the family !) Then I think I have done enough and head up stairs, only to think of another card or design I want to try , and back down I go!

    This weekend is my BIG Holiday Stamp class and I have customers coming over Friday, Saturday and Sunday to start with there holiday cards, I have cleaned up and set up and am ready to go... Sounds good so far , right?
   Oh no because for every day I get ready, I stop and start stamping another idea ... so  now I that I have tried and posted my Double Drapery Card its time to close the stamp room door , until tomorrow when the girls ( and guys ..yes I did say guys) come to stamp.. Good night all!

To order Stampin' Up! products, call me at 845-229-0931, e-mail me, or order online 24/7.

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