April 29, 2018

The New Catalog is almost here!!!

Happy Sunday!

I can not believe it is that time of year again, the new catalog is around the corner. As a Demonstrator one of the perks is seeing it early, and getting to order early as well.
So If you would like to join my team and not only get the catalog early , and also get some on the new product early  go to my online website and join today! 

Because did you know... that you can pick brand new stuff in your starter kit? YES you can pick pre-order items...love it!!! For $99.00 and tax (Stampin' Up! pays the shipping...more savings for you), you can pick $125.00 worth of goodies. 

Don't want to join yet? Want to reserve your catalog copy?

 If you have been to my class or ordered in the last 6 months no need to reserve one I already have done that for you.. 
If you haven't ,I need to hear from you, so I can reserve your free copy (catalog is free shipping is $7.00 priority mail  which you will receive a $7.00 credit on your first order  ) of the NEW catalog which you should received by the end of May going Live June 1st (the
So contact  me today to reserve your copy!
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To order Stampin' Up! products, call me at 845-453-7888, e-mail me, or order online 24/7.

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