February 27, 2009

Phase 1 of my NEW Blog Contest!

To Kick off my NEW Blog I will be running a few contests. All you have to do is view the Blog and leave a comment to the question I ask each week (see below for the question and leave the comment in the comment section)

I will be picking a random winner every week for the next 2 months to recieve a FREE gift !

also check back on Saturday's (starting next Saturday 3/7/09) to see if you won ! and don't forget to leave your Name on the comment so I can announce it!
First and Last name or just last Initial is find

This weeks Question: How do you like the blog so far?
Keep checking back as this blog is not yet 100% done!

Please remember when leaving comments these can be viewed by all!

Special thanks to Lisa (The Stamp Camp Counselor), Michelle (Laycock Designs)and Heather(Blogs by Heather) for getting this up and running for me!!

If you would like more info on starting a blog email them... their blogs and emails are located under my Favorite blogs!


  1. Rosie-
    I like the new bolg design a lot. I like the "sidebar" items you have, such as, Join My Team and Order with Me 24/7, the picture and information about you, etc. I lke how that is always available.There is soo much there that is accessable right away with no searching!!
    I enjoy your blog very much and have you on my RSS feed into my inbox. :-)

  2. Congrats Colleen !You were the 1st to leave a comment so you automatically get a FREE gift now!
    Email me privatly so I can get yoru address!

  3. I LOVE your new glittery banner! Michelle did a great job on it. I subscribed so I can see all your new updates. Keep up the great work.
    Lisa Flynn
    a/k/a The Stamp Camp Counselor

  4. I owe it all to you for getting me STARTED!!!

  5. Wow, Rosie, it looks GREAT! I am impressed. I may have to follow your lead. :)

  6. Hi Rose,
    I love your blog, have saved it as a favorite on my computer so I can just pop it up. I love the porjects that you have on it and the calendar to remind me of upcoing events.Keep it up.

  7. Thanks You may want to leave your name and First inital in case you win the drawing next week!

  8. Hey Rose!! Your blog is great! I watched it grow over the past two weeks...and wow! you posted one of my swaps...I am thrilled. Thank you! I do love that bunny butt card too. Congrats on a very pretty rosey blog.


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